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Apr 25, 2018

Tarion’s Adventure into Residential Condominium Conversion

Effective January 1, 2018, builders backed by Tarion will be providing new home warranties for residential condominium conversions as a result of... Read More

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Commercial Real Estate Law


Condominium Act  |  condominium market  |  Condo Development  |  Condo Developers  |  commercial real estate  |  Property Assessment Report  |  Pre-Existing Elements Fund  |  Non-residential  |  Conversions  |  Capital Replacement Plan  |  Amendments

Dec 21, 2017

An Ode to Income Splitting by Robins Appleby LLP

'Twas the middle of July, with days so hot and hazy When the Feds announced new tax rules, which some said were so crazy With complicated langua... Read More


65-plus  |  revised legislation  |  income splitting  |  small business  |  private corporations  |  Feds announced new tax rules

Apr 10, 2018

Overview of Non-Disclosure Agreements in the Context of Private M&A Transactions

A non-disclosure agreement ("NDA") is typically the first agreement entered into in an M&A transaction. The purpose of an NDA is to safeguard ... Read More

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Business Law


warranties  |  Use and Disclosure  |  proprietary information  |  non-disclosure agreement  |  key terms  |  employees  |  confidential information  |  business law

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