Wills and Estates

Estate and Trust Administration


We work closely with personal representatives including executors and trustees, as well as families, trust companies, and charitable organizations, to administer and distribute estates and trusts, in a sensitive, efficient and professional manner. We manage all phases of estate and trust administration with expertise, including:

  • advising trustees on their fiduciary obligations;
  • ascertaining the assets of the deceased;
  • discharging liabilities and paying necessary taxes;
  • structuring post-mortem planning to minimize taxes and maximize returns to the estate and its beneficiaries;
  • dealing with financial institutions;
  • dealing with foreign and unusual assets;
  • distributing property to beneficiaries;
  • addressing issues related to distributions to non-resident beneficiaries;
  • applying to the court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (commonly referred to as a probate certificate); and
  • working with advisors in other jurisdictions to address multijurisdictional legal and tax issues