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Cross-Border and International Tax Planning and Transactions


We advise Canadian individuals and companies investing outside of Canada, and we advise non-residents investing inside Canada. We also assist our clients with cross-border tax issues involving immigration to Canada and emigration from Canada, together with issues that arise when one or more family members are non-residents of Canada or otherwise have ties to the United States.

We work closely with our clients' accountants and foreign advisors to create business organizations and personal plans that minimize taxation in all relevant jurisdictions, such as:

  • addressing issues arising from dual residency or citizenship;
  • assisting non-residents to establish businesses and investments in Canada;
  • assisting Canadians to establish businesses and investments outside of Canada;
  • addressing tax issues arising from property ownership outside of Canada;
  • establishing international trusts for clients, including new immigrants to Canada; and
  • addressing tax issues relating to becoming or ceasing to be a Canadian resident

Cross-Border and International Tax Planning and Transactions Team

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