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December 2014


Ralph Rabinowicz, Ronnie Appleby & Elliott Bassin




2014 Robins Appleby LLP World Invitational Clubbish Tournament

The 2014 Robins Appleby LLP World Invitational Clubbish Tournament was the best ever. This year we hosted 180 guests including 108 players, schmoozing, eating and drinking (a lot of drinking!). Everyone had a good time, played their best and created memories for future years.

The Final scores can be found on the following link:
Clubbish Scores ►

Some photos from the evening can be found on the following link:
Clubbish 2014 Event Pictures ►

In the Masters Division, the winners for the first time (although they have both been close before) of the Moishe Appleby trophy were Ralph Rabinowicz and Elliott Bassin with an outstanding score of 6,619. Congratulations!

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Robins Appleby LLP represents Arsandco Investments Limited, in connection with sale of a city block, for $87.5 million

Robins Appleby LLP recently acted on behalf of our long-time client, Arsandco Investments Limited, in connection with the sale to Queen Developments Inc. of the city block bounded by Queen, Mutual, Shuter and Dalhousie Streets in Toronto, for $87.5 million. Arsandco was represented on all aspects of this transaction by senior partner Ronald Appleby Q.C., and from our Real Estate Group, partner Neill Kalvin, associate Tara Welat, and clerks Helen Wright and Elaine Levy. This site is slated to see a significant future residential and commercial development.



The Ontario Court of Appeal Rules in Favour of Elcarim Inc.

On October 27, 2014, the Ontario Court of Appeal issued its judgment in Ariston Realty Corp v. Elcarim Inc. The defendants, Elcarim Inc., et al (collectively, "Elcarim") won the appeal and David Taub, a partner in our Litigation Group, and Ellad Gersh an associate in our Litigation Group, were retained to represent them after the defendants had lost at trail.

The main issue in the case concerned the plaintiff, Ariston Realty Corp's entitlement to commission pursuant to a listing agreement, arising from the sale of a commercial property in Toronto, owned by Elcarim.

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So You Want to Be a Tenant – Prudent Searches for Lease Due Diligence
by Darrell M. Gold

Tenants often enter offers to lease and leases without the benefit of prior legal advice and due diligence. If they are not experienced with leasing, they can put themselves and their business at great risk. In carrying out a few simple searches either on their own or more commonly through legal counsel, they can minimize and even eliminate those risks.

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Law Firm Leadership Conference

A. Lorne Greenspoon, a partner in our Tax Group and a managing partner of the firm, appeared on a panel at the 10th annual Law Firm Leadership Conference of the Canadian Bar Association on Perspectives of Leadership held in Montreal on October 19, 2014. Lorne has been a member of the Canadian Bar Association planning committee for four years.


Condo: Start to Finish

On September 17, 2014, Leor Margulies, partner in our Real Estate Group, was honoured to present the opening remarks to over 800 attendees at the second ever Condo Start to Finish seminar co-hosted by BILD and OHBA. Leor dedicated his remarks to the memory of Mark Freedman, a friend and industry pioneer, who was one of the co-hosts of the first of these seminars back in September 2005.




Barbara Green

October 24, 2014 - Basics of Employment Law: Rights of Pregnant Employees

Barbara Green, a senior associate in our Litigation Group, hosted a breakfast discussion regarding Employment Law at Verity People Solutions. This interactive session incorporated discussions regarding terminations, employee performance issues and rights and duties of employers in respect of pregnant employees.

Barbara Green has also spoken on several other occasions, regarding termination of employees at the workplace. These discussions are hosted by Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions.


David Taub

November 5, 2014 - Banking Litigation: What Every Civil Litigator and In-House Counsel Needs to Know

David Taub, a partner in our Litigation Group, spoke about "Fighting Fraud" at a continuing legal education seminar organized by the Ontario Bar Association. This seminar helped litigators and in-house counsel get up to speed regarding the latest developments in banking law and litigation. David discussed the circumstances in which courts will allocate loss to a bank when a bank and an innocent party are both victimized by a fraud.

October 29, 2014 - Positive, Active Aging: Seniors Interactive Health Fair and Conference

David Taub also spoke about "Estate Litigation: Grounds for bringing a Will Challenge and What to Expect when a Will is Challenged" at the Positive, Active Aging: Seniors Interactive Health Fair and Conference. The conference was organized by the Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations. This presentation explained specific grounds on which wills can be invalidated and also discussed how an estate is managed during, and affected by, litigation.




Succession: Tax and Estates Matters

The Tax and Estates Group is proud to announce the launch of our new blog! Succession: Tax and Estates Matters will provide you with the latest news and important tips in the tax and estate planning fields. We welcome requests for specific blog topics that interest you.

We look forward to you reading our blog!

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Employment Law Seminar

Hold the Date
Wednesday January 28th, 2015, Robins Appleby LLP Office

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive complimentary breakfast discussion hosted by Barbara Green, senior associate in our Litigation Group, on the subject of employment law. Barbara will discuss various aspects of employment law dealing with common questions surrounding:

  • Employee performance issues.
  • Terminations, including the scope of common law obligations for employees who are terminated without cause.
  • How to limit the employer's scope of liability for common law damages by the use of employment contracts.
  • The rights and duties of employers in respect of pregnant employees, including a review of recent case law and a consideration of the duty to accommodate pregnancy-related issues.

This will be a unique, informative, and interactive session and we look forward to hosting you. There is limited space for this event so please RSVP by Friday, January 9th, 2015 by emailing ►




Interview with Leor Margulies


How long have you been with Robins Appleby LLP?

I started working here January 2, 1985.
I became a partner January 1, 1989.

What do you specialize in at Robins Appleby LLP?

Real estate development, condominium development and commercial and construction lending.

What characteristic do you think a person needs to be a successful real estate lawyer?

To be successful at Robins Appleby , and in particular in our Real Estate Group, it takes more than just the technical knowledge. What we offer our clients is a mix of strategic business and legal advice based on our experience and desire to get deals done for the clients. We are prepared to make difficult and challenging decisions for, and recommendations to the client, even where there is no clear-cut answer. We put ourselves in the shoes of the client whenever needed.

What do you want our readers to know about Robins Appleby LLP?

They should know that we are dealmakers, not deal breakers. We find ways to make the deal work while keeping our client's interests at the forefront.

We do work in teams utilizing paralegals and lawyers at varying levels of experience to make sure the client gets the best value and the best advice. Readers should also know that we are well connected in our various industries and can put clients in touch with the right partners, lenders and other advisors that they may need to conduct their business or complete their transactions.


How do you spend your spare time?

Apart from taking care of our clients' and family needs, I love playing and watching tennis (I have done all four grand slams, and some on multiple occasions). Many of my clients are tennis players as well and it gives me an opportunity to meet with them and get exercise of the same time. I also love live theatre (I used to love acting in university). I also maintain my interest in the equestrian sport of dressage. I sold my last horse six years ago but ride every month or so with a Portuguese master trainer in Caledon to keep my hand in the sport.

When I walk into your office for the first time, looking around, what would your office tell me about you?

That I truly love horses.

What are you reading right now?

The autobiography of Jimmy Connors (the bad boy of tennis)

If you met yourself first year of law school, what advice would you give him?

Get the most from the social and intellectual perspectives of law school. It is a great environment to make friends, and learn how to think and act like a lawyer. Just do not get too hung up on any particular subject. Law school and the real world are entirely different. Keep an open mind to any area that you become exposed to during articling or in practice. Only then will you find out what you really like. And once you find it, follow it with a passion.


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