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Jun 1, 2021

Inclusionary Zoning – A New Reality

The concept of Inclusionary Zoning – a regulatory response to the need for affordable housing – has been in place in different cities in the world for some time. Further, it has been on the agenda in Toronto for at least 15 years or more. But now it is edging closer and closer to reality with empowering legislation  created by a Liberal government which was reduced in scope, but not repealed by, a Conservative Government, Inclusionary Zoning is here to stay.

Developers, be they for profit on non-profit will have been watching the development of the  Inclusionary Zoning policy in Toronto over the past number of months. We thought it would be helpful to set out the current state of the legislations and the state of the City’s consultations. We have done so in a fairly comprehensive way and thrown in a few of our own thoughts along the way (as we often do).


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