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Feb 27, 2018

12th Annual Robins Appleby LLP Purim Lunch and Learn

On Friday February 23, 2018, Darrell M. Gold a partner in our Real Estate Group, hosted his "12th Annual Robins Appleby LLP Purim Lunch and Learn". With our main boardroom filled to capacity with over 60 business persons, the event ​was high in attendance as well as enjoyment. 

Guests were treated to some amazing insights into the Purim holiday by Rabbi Hoch of the Village Shul for his "drasha" 

In addition, our business card draw had more prizes than any prior year and made the event even more special. Special thanks again to Harold and Carol Goldberg who donated the bottle of Glenfiddich scotch for the draw and to Hershy Weinberg who provided herring from Bubby's (delicious!) and donated a bottle of Robbie Burns scotch to the draw, and to Toby Berkel and Rabbi Avraham Gislason of Tzafona Cellars of Ontario and Savours Fresh Market for the wine and gift certificates for our draw.

 As you know, the event was held in the merit of the late Lou Orzech obm and the yartzeits of Moishe Appleby obm and Harold Klug obm, may each of their neshamas have an aliyah. It was our most success lunch and learn ever and will soon send around a "hold the date" for next year

Purim Lunch and Learn 2018 Event Photos

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