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Jul 24, 2020

Commercial Real Estate Podcast - Solving Affordability with John Fox


John Fox was interviewed on the podcast  Commercial Real Estate Podcast -  Solving Affordability with John Fox of Robins Appleby LLP.  John also discusses the successes and challenges of working with public and private groups in combating affordability in housing.

Podcast link here

Aaron and Adam are speaking with John Fox, Partner at Robins Appleby LLP, in this episode. He has a long-standing relationship working with both the public and private housing sectors on combating affordability issues.

Because of John’s expertise, today’s episode focuses on affordable housing in the Greater Toronto Area. The guys discuss the time John spent working with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, how COVID-19 has made an impact on affordable housing, and the challenge of finding appropriate land for development.

Additionally, Aaron and Adam are introducing a new segment today: the CRE Podcast Aftershow. This discussion follows the interview with John and gives our hosts the opportunity to reflect on topics that came up during the show. Check it out in all future episodes, too!

Topics covered include:

  • Why there’s nothing better than supply.
  • Varying definitions of “affordability” across the real estate market.
  • John’s time with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation.
  • Partnerships between private and public housing to address affordability.
  • Advocating for future tenants in a given area.
  • What drew John to work in affordability.
  • How government has encouraged the development of new supply.
  • Inclusionary zoning and its obstacles.
  • Finding land that makes sense for affordable housing.
  • The effects from COVID-19 on land prices in Toronto.
  • Programs that developers are using to offset the loss of rent.
  • The pandemic’s impact on non-profits to date and going forward.
  • Continued construction operations despite the economic downturn.
  • What John would implement to make the world better from an affordability perspective.

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