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Nov 2, 2021

The 4P Affordable Housing Partnership


Collaboration and partnerships have long been the watchwords in delivering affordable housing, but private developers working with Non-profit organizations (“NPOs”) to let NPOs fill units in private rental buildings is relatively new. Over the last year, the Housing team at Robins has worked on the implementation of two models that do just that. 

This paper will compare those two models. The first, and simpler of the two, is a referral model, in which the NPO refers prospective tenants to the landlord, and the second is a long-term head lease between the NPO and the landlord.

As this paper is being presented alongside representatives from organizations with which we worked on the head lease model, we have referred to the parties by name in our paper. We have now worked through two referral arrangements, but have chosen to refer to the parties in more general terms.

Read full paper here

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