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Jun 4, 2018

Procurement | Let’s Talk Development Lingo - SHARE Webinar Series

By: John Fox

What should housing administrators consider when preparing a RFP for affordable housing development and regeneration? Shifts in the way portfolios and projects are envisioned, planned, delivered and the innovative partnerships established between public and private are influencing how RFPs are crafted. Housing administrators are faced with developing the scope of a RFP, wearing the developer hat to articulate housing priorities and adhering to procurement rules. RFP bidders on the other hand; often face challenges in understanding what housing administrators “really want to say”, what is achievable and the expected outputs.

This webinar will provide an overview of some of the main considerations for housing administrators seeking to develop an RFP. Although the process can vary across jurisdictions, John will share his expertise and experience working with housing administrators to develop RFPs and as a bidder also responding to the process. He will provide insights and suggestions about:

  • procurement rules
  • thinking like a developer (bridging the development lingo)
  • what you should be asking and how to ask it
  • being clear around priorities and defining the scope
  • practical tips to get the most value of the process
  • the annoying issues of RFPs

This webinar is intended for housing administrators, housing providers, property management staff and Boards that are considering preparing RFPs for new builds and regeneration.

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