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The private equity lawyers at Robins Appleby LLP, part of the firm’s Business Law Group, provide insightful, timely and actionable legal advice as well as sophisticated strategy to clients at every stage of the private equity investment lifecycle. Our private equity lawyers at Robins Appleby LLP operate out of Toronto—Canada’s financial and deal-making capital.

From forming a fund, to structuring and negotiating acquisitions and co-investment arrangements to advising on exit strategies for investments and return of capital to investors, our private equity lawyers help clients with every stage of private equity deals. From fund managers to private investors, clients of Robins Appleby LLP benefit from our wise, dynamic and practical counsel.

All throughout the private equity investment lifecycle, our private equity lawyers keep two important goals in mind: 

  • We help fund managers manage risk tailored specifically to their own risk tolerance, understanding how to mitigate unacceptable risk while remaining practical and goal-oriented
  • We give fund managers the legal tools to maximize the fund’s return on investment

Importantly, the private equity lawyers at Robins Appleby LLP are client-focused, nimble and cost effective. Our wheelhouse is the mid-market. Because we “punch above our weight,” we deliver great value to our clients.

Within the private equity space, we have a laser focus on a group of key industry sectors that are always in demand, regardless of whether or not the economy is booming—or which way the wind is blowing. Our private equity lawyers have experience in and focus on the following five strategic industry sectors:

  1. Agri-Food
  2. Biotech
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Wholesale and Distribution

In addition to private equity deals, the other services within Robins Appleby LLP’s Business Law Group include:

The private equity lawyers at Robins Appleby LLP are members in the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA) and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), the two most important associations for private equity in Canada.

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