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Robins Appleby has established a Housing Services Team led by former Toronto Community Housing General Counsel and executive, John Fox.

Our goal is to provide legal advice to housing providers, municipal service managers and others in the housing sector to help them meet their challenges. Whether creating new housing, dealing with the end of federal operating agreements, updating corporate structure, negotiating with an exiting employee, or helping resolve disputes, our team is available to you. We have unique experience dealing with legal matters in a housing context, including our understanding of the Housing Services Act, IAH Funding and the role of service managers. We are active participants in the housing sector because we want housing providers to be able to continue to provide affordable accommodations to Canadians.


What we can help you with:

  • Real Estate Development - If you are building new units, or taking financing to restore existing units, we can help with all manners of development law, from land sales, to partnership agreements, to financing, including Contribution Agreements with your municipality. We understand the Housing Services Act and how it impacts your project.
  • Corporate Structure and Finance - Many housing providers are reviewing their structure in light of changes to the not-for-profit regulatory regime. If you are an Ontario not-for-profit, we can help you assess your options.
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution - We can help you resolve disputes such as employee departures or other claims. We do so as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible and always discuss your options with you.
  • Tax - We can give you advice on taxes, such as what activities might invite scrutiny from Canada Revenue Agency.


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Recent and Upcoming Speaking Engagements  

  • Procurement | Let’s Talk Development Lingo - SHARE Webinar Series - May 2018 
  • John Fox: Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association - April 2015
  • John Fox: ONPHA - The Aquavista Project - October 2015
  • Barbara Green: ONPHA - Employment Matters for Housing Providers - October 2015
  • Arin Klug: ONPHA - Tax Matters for Housing Providers - October 2015

Impact Real Estate

In addition to our work in housing, we have, together with other like-minded firms, created a collaborative intended to bring together expertise in developing real estate assets that make money for their owners, while having a positive social impact. In this way, we can bring to bear expertise in social finance (such as community bonds, for example) through our network. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for new ways to finance an innovative space, give us a call.

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