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Estate & Succession Planning

Estate and succession planning requires not only a firm grasp of the complex laws of taxation, trusts and estates, but also a deep understanding of a family's needs and desires.

Having over 45 years of experience in providing guidance to families, we are confident that we can structure an estate or succession plan that works for you.

Our full spectrum of services includes:

  • Estate planning - Through the use of multiple wills, trusts and powers of attorney, we structure the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next while minimizing the tax cost and balancing personal family issues
  • Family business succession - We help position families in structuring an orderly transition of their businesses whether to the next generation or to arm’s length buyers while planning to minimize taxation
  • Estate administration - We work closely with estate trustees, families, trust companies and charitable organizations to administer and distribute estates in a sensitive, efficient and professional manner while structuring and implementing plans to minimize income tax and probate tax to the estate
  • Charities & planned giving - We advise our clients on planned giving, including the establishment of charitable organizations, as well as public and private foundations
  • Counsel to professional advisors - We provide comprehensive tax and estate support to accounting firms, law firms and financial advisors
  • Estate dispute resolution - We represent our clients in resolving estate disputes including challenging and defending the validity of wills and breach of trust actions

The Personal Information Form

Robins Appleby LLP is pleased to provide individuals a complimentary resource that helps collect your personal, financial and legal information into a single, organized, and secure document. 

This Personal Information Form:

  • Amalgamates a variety of key personal details into a single seamless document    
  • Can be used by a personal representative or family member when you are incapable or unable to deal with your affairs    
  • Facilitates [and educates] personal representatives or family members who are not familiar with your day-to-day operations    
  • Ensures that matters can be dealt with quickly and seamlessly

 The resource is an excellent to tool keep all your information up-to-date and it is only held by you and therefore, completely secure.  Simply print, fill out and store somewhere safe, or save a copy to your personal computer to be updated as necessary.

Download pdf

Share this document, or the existence of it, with your family and attorney today and take the necessary steps to be proactive about your financial future.  

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